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School is hard.

School is definitely hard. What I’m struggling with the most in terms of topics is Physics. Pain in the ass this class is. In terms of life, the lack of free time is daunting. I’m taking 18 hours of credits, with Physics and Calculus as co-requisites. My writing class so far has had virtually no homework, which is a godsend. This will prove to be a nightmare in the coming weeks however. Philosophy is a joke. Show up for 2 hours, listen to the professor rant about bullshit, rent a movie on netflix and talk about it in an online system with only one-way communication.


Financial Aid and a Cup of Joe

So I’ve successfully gotten all the forms that I need to into my school’s financial aid office. They say I should see the results back by the second day that my term begins. I really hope so, because I want to complete my degree very badly. What’s worse is that this was done on the final day for deadlines, and I feel bad for doing this to the Financial Aid office, what with working in a customer service environment. I know they don’t like days like these, since everyone is rushing in to get their stuff done. Mad props to you in the counseling offices!

I haven’t made a very large amount of progress with Java, although I’ve learned a little bit more about it. I finally understand why most Java apps in android begin with now, it’s simply a namespace allocation technique. Namespaces are fancy. Hopefully I can take LWJGL and run with it, I really want to try building games from scratch and not be doomed to be stuck with GameMaker quality games (although GM was fun in it’s day). Java definitely looks easier than C++, but it’s progressional structure is quite confusing. Here’s to hoping I can figure it out soon!