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CHB updates

So I’ve recently purchased a domain name at for an unholy amount of money. I’ve recently updated the website to use wordpress (much like this site you’re on, but used in a much different way). I hope you all enjoy the new change in it. Also no, I’m not from the Christmas Islands, I just liked the TLD is all. Check it out! you might find you like stuff there!


Why Can’t I Sleep?

For the past few nights now, I’ve been unable to drag myself from my computer to bed. Just writing this post is sort of rubbing the lemon juice in the wound. I honestly don’t know what it is, maybe Reddit is to blame? One thing I do know is that every night I stay up I get very tired. When I get tired, I get this itch. No, not one of those itches, I mean an itch to do something. Something like programming. I want to build a game very badly, but I have absolutely no skills in doing so. I can do basic C++ stuff, but even SDL is too much for me to wrap my head around right now. I’m actually considering picking up Java, since I hear it’s worlds easier to work with, and on top of that we have the Lightweight Java Game Library (LWJGL). This library is used in a particularly popular game known as Minecraft. I know it’s used in quite a few other games, one professional game being Spiral Knights. I don’t know… I think I’m just going to bite the bullet and do it.

In other news, I’m on a razor-thin edge to get my financial aid applications in. It’s been very difficult to do given my family’s financial situation and social climate. If I’m unable to get the information I need to into the financial aid office at my school by 5pm this coming monday, I get no aid. The fun part is that I only have Monday to do all this, and my mother’s piece of the puzzle is finally emerging (FINALLY!). Hopefully I actually make it on time… Crossing my fingers and hoping for the best.

It’s Been a Long Time

I can’t stop saying the title to this post in the voice of GLaDOS. It really has been a long time since I’ve last made a post here. In the timespan from the last update to this update, I’ve managed to move in with my girlfriend in our first apartment, change from Freight Crew to Deli, move into another apartment, and am now happily living right next to the school I’m going to. I’ve started my progress towards a Software Engineering Technology major. Life is moving forward.

In other news, I’ve got a dedicated server running at with a fancy webpage that I hand coded and everything (minus the forum and all). I’m running a Minecraft server, a Mumble voice server, a forum, and soon I’ll be hosting a Terraria server. Only thing I need now is a better CPU and much more RAM. 2GB just doesn’t cut it anymore with today’s demands. Of course, I actually have to get people playing on it first.

So far you’ve probably guessed by now that I play Terraria and Minecraft. Both of these games are good in their own respect, although Minecraft is beginning to get really boring. I’ve also played and beat Portal 2, then talked my girlfriend into getting it (she also got me a pre-order copy of it as a gift which was really sweet). Really awesome game, would play again. 10/10

I’ve also become a Redditor recently. It’s a nice change of pace compared to 4chan, but just as equally hivemindish and terrible. It’s a big reason why I haven’t written any C++ lately. I really need to start working on a project, but I don’t know of anything within my skillset to make that I’m interested in. Maybe that game I started writing using SDL…

./configure && make

It’s been a long while since I’ve made a post here, so it’st time to play a little bit of catch up.

My sister had her baby on May 4th! The baby’s name is Ava. She’s also now visiting and talking with us directly, which is really nice. It’s reduced a lot of stress for everyone except maybe her since she now has a new person to raise. I’m just relieved everything settled out the way it did.

In a more recent setting, I’ve had the entire last week off. It’s been really long and really relaxing, with the exception that I sliced one toe open, smashed another, and then rammed the side of my foot into the stove. My feet love me. I’ve been hanging out with my girlfriend a lot too, which is awesome. We generally get along pretty well, and she’s a really down-to-earth person. I’m also looking into some colleges a bit more seriously. My girlfriend is trying to convince me to go to SOU to get into this program that chops a year off of college for your degree, which sounds alright except for the fact that I don’t think SOU offers a very high quality programming class. I don’t know if I’ll even be able to afford the schools I want. I do know that OIT sounds like a very good option, and my good friend Atlas goes there. Still, $15,000 to $18,000 a year is a bit much.

In other news, I have afforded an iPod touch from Amazon for 180 dollars. It’s a sweet little dude, and I plan on hacking android onto it once the binaries for it are available. In the mean time, I intend on sharing a few app-store apps with you. Mind you I haven’t spent any actual money on app-store stuff, I have jailbroken my device and can now do things that apple says they don’t want people doing.

App Spot

Google Earth
Google Earth
Price: Free

This app is almost just like the one for the desktop, minus a few bells and whistles. You can flick around the globe, zoom in with pinch-to-zoom, all sorts of neat things. You can also click the GPS button for it to take you to where it thinks you’re at (accuracy may vary) It’s a great app to have on hand, and can replace a lot of other map-based apps you could possibly want. Loosely serves as a GPS tracker (will not do turn-by-turn navigation as far as I’m aware).

Price: Free

This quirky game by ngmoco lets you play god on your own little planet. You control elements in the world like the cloud or the sun and try and get the people to become your followers. The gameplay mechanics are akin to Farmville on Facebook, where there really is no end, you just keep leveling up and getting gold (and in this case, Awe, your source of power). Still, it’s a fun game for what it was past the glitches I kept running into. I had to play a cracked version since they haven’t released this to the iPhone/iPod in the US yet (only the iPad). It’s a free app nonetheless, so once it arrives, you’ll be able to play it immediately.

IMO: The World of Magic
Price: Free

This is an MMORPG for your iPhone/iPod. It has a really good control scheme and decent graphics/music. The spell/ability system is a bit iffy though, since you have to purchase the skill and then spend a skill point on it. Otherwise it breathes everything an MMO is and should be. This one has a feel akin to Maplestory meets Zelda: Minish Cap, along with Ragnarok. It’s a good time killer.

Price: $4.99

This game is pretty much like the indie-hit Osmos in that it has an identical feel to the ‘character’ (air-bubble, mote, whatever they decide to call it). What’s different from Osmos, however, is that it has things like enemies, powerups, and objects aside from motes in it. It has true ‘level’ gameplay as opposed to Osmos’s arena-style gameplay. I’m actually quite addicted to it at the moment, as far as an iPod game can be addicted to.

HippoRemote LITE
HippoRemote LITE
Price: Free

This tool allows you to utilize your iPhone/iPod (or even iPad) as a wireless mouse and keyboard. You will need to set up a VPN server on your computer, which isn’t all that hard, and once you do you’ll have multitouch controls on the go. This even supports pinch to zoom in things like web-browsers. Very nifty app.

Runic Words

[13:32] Fancy Username: I wonder if valve is goingt o switch to OpenGL for all their games for easier porting to mac
[13:32] Gyarados: lol
[13:33] Fancy Username: that would be a really good idea
[13:33] Gyarados: I wonder if they could single handedly end the directx supremecy
[13:33] Fancy Username: not just vavle
[13:33] Fancy Username: blizzard would have to join up too
[13:33] Gyarados: hmm
[13:34] Gyarados: I find it funny that the idea of two companys single handedly destroying an entire empire
[13:34] Fancy Username: lol

Vocoders Amongst the Living

The words “Hatsune Miko” in Japanese roughly translate out to something about music. Miko-san is a vocaloid, specifically the first of the vocaloid2 branch. It (or she) is now one of my favorite singers. Ever. And here is one of my favorite songs by her/it:

On another note, I’ve recently made it to Johto in PWO. Blackscreen issues have been much more tame, and crashes are actually proving to be a benefit, since it means that you have a higher chance of getting into the server when someone else crashes out of it. The leader of the project has officially shut down registration due to massive influx of newcomers, which seems to be effectively curbing server overload and masses of idiots. I’ve got a level 54 Charizard, a level 61 Blastoise (which I conned back from my friend Atlas :P), and am getting ready to trade a Pinser to somebody for the evolution before Sharpedo. Starts with a C I think… Anyway, stoked that the project is coming along well! And even though I don’t support Java as a scripting platform, I do look forward to running a .jar version of the client on my Linux boxes. Once that happens, my brother will be able to play with us.

Pokemon World Online

I’ve been playing this game for roughly 2 days now, and I have to say while I stand impressed that this finally exists, I’m a bit unhappy with how much beta this game actually exhibits. Glitch after glitch, and most glitches tie to their terrible server not being able to connect to players properly. Currently, as of this posting, the database is down but players are still able to connect and chat. The entire world is black, since no mapdata can be loaded. Due to such a thing, players spam other players with battle invites. I cannot accept any, since I’m in a pokemon center. This is the result of these happenings:

So far, inbetween glitches, I’m having a bit of fun. I’ve got a decent level charmander already, and I caught a pidgey with the pokeball I bought from the mart (which is an ebay system instead of an NPC system). Very fun game while it lasts. Hopefully this server will get up and running soon.

Testing out Live Writer

So, I got a bunch of stuff from the Windows Live Essentials package, Writer being one of them. I’m not a particular fan, considering this entire sentence is considered a misspelled word, and every time it starts it throws up a crash error without crashing. Perhaps running this in Vista Compatibility mode will help… or maybe it won’t? Either way, just trying to get the hang of it.