Me and my (ex) girlfriend

So my now ex girlfriend broke up with me a while ago. I believe, if I remember correctly off of the top of my head, it happened on August 15th. I’m not happy about it, and it was actually quite painful to deal with. Even now I still hurt, but it’s not nearly as bad. It’s most depressing just being alone. I know I need someone, and it’s hard not having anyone to be with. I’m staying single for the time being, but I’m not opposed to hookups/friends-with-benefits scenarios. If they happen though, I fully expect emotions to be involved, as I’m not one for a “cheap lay” so to speak. I’m a very emotional being and have my needs, you know? The one thing I’m gonna miss the most is going to be the cat we had. Molly was and is a great cat, and I’ll miss her dearly.

I can say that it’s a good thing we broke up though, she is a very unhealthy individual who needs to seek help in one form or another, as she’s incredibly emotionally undeveloped. I’ll take credit for my faults, but I really wonder how much was wrong, since I was incredibly limited on the things that I was allowed to do in the relationship and had virtually no control.

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