It’s Been a Long Time

I can’t stop saying the title to this post in the voice of GLaDOS. It really has been a long time since I’ve last made a post here. In the timespan from the last update to this update, I’ve managed to move in with my girlfriend in our first apartment, change from Freight Crew to Deli, move into another apartment, and am now happily living right next to the school I’m going to. I’ve started my progress towards a Software Engineering Technology major. Life is moving forward.

In other news, I’ve got a dedicated server running at with a fancy webpage that I hand coded and everything (minus the forum and all). I’m running a Minecraft server, a Mumble voice server, a forum, and soon I’ll be hosting a Terraria server. Only thing I need now is a better CPU and much more RAM. 2GB just doesn’t cut it anymore with today’s demands. Of course, I actually have to get people playing on it first.

So far you’ve probably guessed by now that I play Terraria and Minecraft. Both of these games are good in their own respect, although Minecraft is beginning to get really boring. I’ve also played and beat Portal 2, then talked my girlfriend into getting it (she also got me a pre-order copy of it as a gift which was really sweet). Really awesome game, would play again. 10/10

I’ve also become a Redditor recently. It’s a nice change of pace compared to 4chan, but just as equally hivemindish and terrible. It’s a big reason why I haven’t written any C++ lately. I really need to start working on a project, but I don’t know of anything within my skillset to make that I’m interested in. Maybe that game I started writing using SDL…

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