Vocoders Amongst the Living

The words “Hatsune Miko” in Japanese roughly translate out to something about music. Miko-san is a vocaloid, specifically the first of the vocaloid2 branch. It (or she) is now one of my favorite singers. Ever. And here is one of my favorite songs by her/it:

On another note, I’ve recently made it to Johto in PWO. Blackscreen issues have been much more tame, and crashes are actually proving to be a benefit, since it means that you have a higher chance of getting into the server when someone else crashes out of it. The leader of the project has officially shut down registration due to massive influx of newcomers, which seems to be effectively curbing server overload and masses of idiots. I’ve got a level 54 Charizard, a level 61 Blastoise (which I conned back from my friend Atlas :P), and am getting ready to trade a Pinser to somebody for the evolution before Sharpedo. Starts with a C I think… Anyway, stoked that the project is coming along well! And even though I don’t support Java as a scripting platform, I do look forward to running a .jar version of the client on my Linux boxes. Once that happens, my brother will be able to play with us.

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