Pokemon World Online

I’ve been playing this game for roughly 2 days now, and I have to say while I stand impressed that this finally exists, I’m a bit unhappy with how much beta this game actually exhibits. Glitch after glitch, and most glitches tie to their terrible server not being able to connect to players properly. Currently, as of this posting, the database is down but players are still able to connect and chat. The entire world is black, since no mapdata can be loaded. Due to such a thing, players spam other players with battle invites. I cannot accept any, since I’m in a pokemon center. This is the result of these happenings:

So far, inbetween glitches, I’m having a bit of fun. I’ve got a decent level charmander already, and I caught a pidgey with the pokeball I bought from the mart (which is an ebay system instead of an NPC system). Very fun game while it lasts. Hopefully this server will get up and running soon.

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