My Life as a Grocery Man

The last 7 days have been nothing but throwing freight for me. It’s been quite a ridiculous ride, and I gather from what I’m told that I just completed a ‘split week’, which means a 1 day weekend in between a long haul of work days. I now dislike my job severely because of it. This isn’t to say that nothing good came out of the week, as I now have a sizable paycheck (which will go promptly into my parents’ bank’s pockets), and I am now better at my job because of it. I also got some decent training recently, which was nice. Apparently I was not trained well, which I believe since the idiot who trained me is just as such: an idiot.

In other news, my dad just moved up to Salem for his new job! this is pretty cool, considering he’s gonna get a 20% pay raise by doing so, and a whole boatload of job security to boot. Plus, if he stays on long enough (I believe 5 years), the government pays him a pension for retirement. This means he can withdraw the current retirement money he has and we’ll be able to settle off financially and be somewhere near the green again, if not the yellow. We are now in the red.

A bit of grinding is going on as well. I’ve got a 14 hour project of ripping my dad’s CDs to mp3 so he can keep them on an iPod in Salem, whilst we get ready to move up there. He has no TV or internet, so it will keep him entertained, if only somewhat. It’s about 150 CDs, so that’s more than enough. I also have ripped half of them to date, but my CD ripping software tends to slow down and lock up on the larger jobs, and some of the CDs are either old or wrecked, so that presents itself as a problem as well. The other task I have is getting into the mid 90’s on my level in Ragnarok before the big competition on the 20th. This is, assuming I’ll be able to participate with work being so random. Ah… I wish we could get a castle… or perhaps for Kisuka to implement guild halls…

Runic Words

Teh Atlas:
Teh Atlas: WTF
Teh Atlas: I missed google by a letter, and got presented with this shit
Semperverus: oh god damnit
Semperverus: i have no reason to live anymore
Teh Atlas: _o

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