That’s My Measuring Stick!

So, I’ve been on about this measurement system for computers lately, and it’s bugging some of my friends. However, I would like to make a point that there is a major difference between “Gigabytes” and “Gibibytes”. Most people who use computers frequently and are adept with them understand that 1024 Bytes is 1 Kilobyte, and 1024 Kilobytes is a Megabyte, and so on. However, manufacturers have been using a sleazy tactic lately where they list 1000 Bytes as a Kilobyte, and 1000 Kilobytes as a Megabyte, all to make their numbers artificially bigger. When you buy a new computer that has a 250GB hard drive listing, you usually come home to find that it’s actually 233GiB (which your computer uses), versus the GB SI Prefix that everyone likes to flaunt around as both measurement systems. There is a major difference between GB and GiB. Please try to use the GiB form in your daily lives. If you have any qualms with it, please refer to the IEEE and ask them why it changed or just Google it. IEEE sets the standards for computers, and since they’ve changed the measuring system to more accurately reflect the Greek prefixes, it’s best to use it. If enough people begin to use the GiB format (Gibibytes), then manufacturers will have no way of labeling their products as a false measurement. The Linux kernel uses GiB, and so does the Windows kernel in some areas. Mac’s however, does not. Fight this tyranny with knowledge!

Anyway, long story short, just add an extra lowercase i inbetween the G and the B. It’s as simple as that.

Runic Words

zMOGus: So, i dun wanna play ragnarok anymore
zMOGus: I want another umi no misaki update
zMOGus: time to play osmos
zMOGus: i closed out of it

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