Christmas Cheer

In spite of Christmas already being over, I felt it was necessary to write a piece on Krampus. For those of you who don’t know, Krampus is Santa’s Christmas demon that follows him around on Christmas night. For all the naughty children, he torments them with rusty chains and thistle, and carries them away to dump them into the pits of hell in a basket he usually has on his back. So next year, make sure you’ve been extra good, or Krampus will come to get you!

Krampus and a naughty child

Anyway, last night was a fairly good night at work, but I had to work in the frozen section for a while and my hands almost actually froze, even with wool gloves on. The food freezers do their job well.

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  1. Coal, my friend, coal.

    They fazed out the maiming in preference for sadness.

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