Opensource Belief System

It has recently come to my attention, and very abruptly, that religions are a lot like operating systems. For instance, Christianity has several revisions and denominations to it based on the vast complexity of the bible, and the fact that some people have added content of their own to it. The Koran is one such example. The different versions and denominations of Christianity that come to mind include Protestant, Lutheran, Catholic, Jehovah’s Witness, Muslim (yes Muslim, remember that Koran I mentioned earlier?), and Latter Day Saints. Even Christianity is based on another religion: Judaism.

Now, take Linux for example. Linux itself is like the core of Christianity, being based on Unix (which in my metaphor is Judaism). All the derivatives of Linux are like the different denominations of Christianity. I’m going to say Ubuntu is Protestant, as I am a part of both those things. Debian is Catholic, as the Protestants derived from Catholicism and Ubuntu derived from Debian. You can determine whatever the other ones are however you like, but Red Hat is Satanism, simply for the colors, the fitting name, and if I remember correctly (which I probably don’t) Red Hat charged you at some point for their software.

Windows I am not sure about, nor am I sure about Mac, but my friend says they’re Hinduism and Buddhism respectively. The only problem is that Mac is unix based, so it all collapses from there… Either way, Microsoft did a poor job at their software, so I’m going to denote them as some made-up religion that is only purposed peddling cocaine and terminal diseases.

Runic Words:

zMOGus: I actually found someone using the word defenestration in a normal context
zMOGus: Why would people try and use MS Paint in wine…

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    • Alex Dorman
    • December 30th, 2009

    monotheism = monolithic kernel? (badum psh)

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