So I’m running my minecraft server again, alongside the new website. You can connect to it (if you’re in the whitelist, contact me to get on said whitelist) at chb.cx in the client. More info can be found on the main website, but I’m hoping to keep it up 24/7. It’s gonna be vanilla up until we get another solid Bukkit release though, so don’t let creepers rape anything of yours!


CHB updates

So I’ve recently purchased a domain name at http://chb.cx/ for an unholy amount of money. I’ve recently updated the website to use wordpress (much like this site you’re on, but used in a much different way). I hope you all enjoy the new change in it. Also no, I’m not from the Christmas Islands, I just liked the TLD is all. Check it out! you might find you like stuff there!

School is hard.

School is definitely hard. What I’m struggling with the most in terms of topics is Physics. Pain in the ass this class is. In terms of life, the lack of free time is daunting. I’m taking 18 hours of credits, with Physics and Calculus as co-requisites. My writing class so far has had virtually no homework, which is a godsend. This will prove to be a nightmare in the coming weeks however. Philosophy is a joke. Show up for 2 hours, listen to the professor rant about bullshit, rent a movie on netflix and talk about it in an online system with only one-way communication.

Me and my (ex) girlfriend

So my now ex girlfriend broke up with me a while ago. I believe, if I remember correctly off of the top of my head, it happened on August 15th. I’m not happy about it, and it was actually quite painful to deal with. Even now I still hurt, but it’s not nearly as bad. It’s most depressing just being alone. I know I need someone, and it’s hard not having anyone to be with. I’m staying single for the time being, but I’m not opposed to hookups/friends-with-benefits scenarios. If they happen though, I fully expect emotions to be involved, as I’m not one for a “cheap lay” so to speak. I’m a very emotional being and have my needs, you know? The one thing I’m gonna miss the most is going to be the cat we had. Molly was and is a great cat, and I’ll miss her dearly.

I can say that it’s a good thing we broke up though, she is a very unhealthy individual who needs to seek help in one form or another, as she’s incredibly emotionally undeveloped. I’ll take credit for my faults, but I really wonder how much was wrong, since I was incredibly limited on the things that I was allowed to do in the relationship and had virtually no control.

A bulk of updates coming soon.

So for the third or fourth time in a row, I’ve posted here that I’ve not posted in a long time. There are several topics I’d like to cover that I’ve not talked about. As such, I’ll be posting multiple times in the same day. Makes it a bit more interesting and also makes it so you can just skip over things. I’m also stopping the crafty title thing I used to do so it’s easier to just tell what the hell is in a post.

Financial Aid and a Cup of Joe

So I’ve successfully gotten all the forms that I need to into my school’s financial aid office. They say I should see the results back by the second day that my term begins. I really hope so, because I want to complete my degree very badly. What’s worse is that this was done on the final day for deadlines, and I feel bad for doing this to the Financial Aid office, what with working in a customer service environment. I know they don’t like days like these, since everyone is rushing in to get their stuff done. Mad props to you in the counseling offices!

I haven’t made a very large amount of progress with Java, although I’ve learned a little bit more about it. I finally understand why most Java apps in android begin with com.google.whatever now, it’s simply a namespace allocation technique. Namespaces are fancy. Hopefully I can take LWJGL and run with it, I really want to try building games from scratch and not be doomed to be stuck with GameMaker quality games (although GM was fun in it’s day). Java definitely looks easier than C++, but it’s progressional structure is quite confusing. Here’s to hoping I can figure it out soon!

Why Can’t I Sleep?

For the past few nights now, I’ve been unable to drag myself from my computer to bed. Just writing this post is sort of rubbing the lemon juice in the wound. I honestly don’t know what it is, maybe Reddit is to blame? One thing I do know is that every night I stay up I get very tired. When I get tired, I get this itch. No, not one of those itches, I mean an itch to do something. Something like programming. I want to build a game very badly, but I have absolutely no skills in doing so. I can do basic C++ stuff, but even SDL is too much for me to wrap my head around right now. I’m actually considering picking up Java, since I hear it’s worlds easier to work with, and on top of that we have the Lightweight Java Game Library (LWJGL). This library is used in a particularly popular game known as Minecraft. I know it’s used in quite a few other games, one professional game being Spiral Knights. I don’t know… I think I’m just going to bite the bullet and do it.

In other news, I’m on a razor-thin edge to get my financial aid applications in. It’s been very difficult to do given my family’s financial situation and social climate. If I’m unable to get the information I need to into the financial aid office at my school by 5pm this coming monday, I get no aid. The fun part is that I only have Monday to do all this, and my mother’s piece of the puzzle is finally emerging (FINALLY!). Hopefully I actually make it on time… Crossing my fingers and hoping for the best.